Service update

In order to keep offering to all our users and lawyers from around the world a better service, in the coming weeks we will introduce the following important changes to our services.
1. Unlimited networks

We are pleased to announce that all users can now create networks completely free of charge. Our main objective is to allow all law firms to collaborate in the most agile and simple way possible. Based on how our services are used, we noticed that most users felt overly constrained by the costs of creating networks and internal networks. For this reason we have decided to make the creation of networks completely free, without any limit of use. All users can start enjoying this new feature right now.
2. Termination of the free trial
Until today we have been pleased to offer a free usage threshold to all our individual users. Unfortunately, we are forced to review this option. Our effort has been, since 2012, to offer an excellent service without compromises. For this reason we have firm…

All European languages now supported

Following the many requests of our users, we are pleased to announce that from today, Enoron apps support all official languages of the European Union.

The languages supported by Enoron are:

The upgrade will be distributed over the next few days on all platforms supported.

Why AI ​​will not replace (all) lawyers

In the tech scene, more and more often we hear about the innovations that artificial intelligence can bring. As part of this discourse, it is often said that many professions will be replaced by computers. In this context, lawyers are deemed to be amongst the most obvious ones.
But is it really so?
Let's start first from a certain fact. If today this question arises, the issue is certainly problematic. We must therefore understand to what degree it may be regarded as properly framed.
The main argument of the supporters of this prediction is that lawyers’ job - i.e. assisting their clients -, can be carried out merely by analyzing laws and the relevant case law. Since such operation is perceived to be based (only) on predetermined rules, tech experts reach the conclusion that a computer can be trained to carry it out autonomously.
Undoubtedly, there are some lawyers whose only job is the one described above. It is however obvious for those who exercise the legal profession, that t…

Enoron elected Capterra Top 20 Law Practice Management Software

We are proud to announce that Enoron is in the Top 20 Law Practice Management Software on Capterra.
As the leading discovery platform, thousands of law firms use Capterra to find the right software solutions.
This news confirms feedback from many Enoron clients; Enoron helps lawyers get things done – and it’s the most suitable solution for lawyers seeking simple and efficient management software.
On the Top 20 Law Practice Management Software, Capterra state “By nature, the legal industry is dependent on compliance. From case and client records that must be kept secure, to time billing and bookkeeping, there are many aspects to a law firm that require constant management. Thankfully, Law Practice Management software [is] built to manage all of those records and more”.
Gherardo Carullo, CEO at Enoron says: “We are delighted with the news and are constantly striving to enhance the client experience”.

Improved Functionality with Google Integration

Enoron constantly aims to enhance the level of control, security and productivity. We are excited to announce a major update to the system – comprehensive Google integration.
Once connected to Google from your Enoron account, files (docs, sheets and slides) along with private and network calendars are constantly kept in sync.
Enoron handles the organisation of all clients, matters, documents and calendar entries automatically. These files (Matters, Clients, Other) can be accessed from Google Drive directly within the Enoron folder on initialisation – neatly organised into folders and subfolders. This solves three purposes – data backup & recovery, improved remote access and enhanced organisation.
Sharing and permissions are easy to manage, with adjustable read/write access for members of your network(s). Automated sharing means members of your networks are able to stay on track together as and when updates are made. Changes to statuses, networks, users, documents and deadlines are se…

Cloud vs. On-site: A Consideration of Security

Cloud vs. Local hosting
The recent CloudFlare breach [‘cloudbleed’] has raised major concerns over digital security. Still, the question remains – which is safer; online (cloud) or on-site (local)? And what steps can be taken to ensure the highest possible level of protection? On-site security issues include physical theft of servers or paperwork, loss of data due to fire or natural disasters and [accidental] confidentiality issues if documents are not adequately classified or protected. Cloud security concerns are almost entirely related to malicious cyber-attacks including data access – especially with regard to confidentiality. The benefits of cloud over on-site include remote access, specific control over privacy and permissions, improved communication and, overall, convenience.
Enoron’s Top Tips for Cloud Safety
Use reliable Service Providers (e.g. Google Cloud Platform).Check if provider(s) have strong privacy policies and established reputation.If your service providers are based i…

Technology Startups Should Only Engage Law Firms Who Use Legal Management Software

Increasing regulatory requirements for legal processes, combined with a constant need to increase privacy, security and urgency, while maintaining sufficient margins has led to a widespread global adoption of legal management software.
Lawyers not using legal management software have up to six different places in which important information needs to be stored. “Not only is this a logistical challenge but also a potential security risk” says Gherardo Carullo, Enoron CEO. Using legal management software like Enoron reduces storage to just one centralised location. 
Several key aspects are commonly expected by entrepreneurs and startup teams – adaptability, flexibility and communication. With the number of firms increasing, there is naturally a wider choice for startups, with characteristics including: large vs small, sector-specific vs general, task-specific vs comprehensive.
As many law firms position themselves in the technology sector, one would expect firms to embrace new technologies …