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Importance of 'e-services' in the Field of Justice in Downstream Markets

Dominant undertakings providing key services to Governments and Administrations in the area of e-Justice are limiting competition in the downstream markets. This makes it more difficult and costly for lawyers to automate interactions with national Justice systems.
Now competition authorities are taking action, as reported by Luigi Zumbo and Arturo Battista of Bryan Cave LLP.
Access to e-Justice has become an essential part of the law profession, as the management of Law Firms is increasingly dependent on ICT. 
#Enoron is here to help lawyers worldwide to simplify case handling, bring down costs while improving efficiency. 
Enoron makes it possible to keep track of everything that matter in the legal profession can be automated, making use of the latest technologies. 

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Gamification and Innovative Principles in Law Firm Management

As our societies grow and evolve, so does the legal profession, both in the way it is carried out and managed. Innovative and disrupting new ideas pop up every day, improving processes and, ultimately, the way we work and live.
Amongst these changes, Gabor Papp of DLA Piper has recently underlined the effectiveness that gamification can have in making Law Firms more productive. By transforming routine tasks into challenges amongst colleagues, it has been shown that productivity and efficiency can be improved, while making burdensome activities more entertaining. 
The continuous changes of today’s world impose to stay on top of innovation, in order to remain competitive, cost-efficient and provide the best services to clients. The goal of #Enoron is to help lawyers achieve that, providing, by providing a platform specifically designed for Lawyers, by Lawyers, which is continuously improved and adapted to the growing needs of lawyers worldwide.

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Importance of Protecting Privacy

Online Privacy and exploitation of personal data are one of the major threats to the fundamental rights of individuals in the age of big data. As outlined by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) in its recent opinion on “Personal Information Management Systems”, it is necessary that “individuals  are  protected  against  unlawful  processing  of  their  data  and against intrusive tracking and profiling techniques that aim at circumventing key data protection principles”.
The EDPS has provided some useful insights on what has to be done in order to prevent such risks. Enoron does, and has always, put privacy protection at the centre of its core values. Thanks to our strict Privacy Policy, we ensure that all personal and non-personal data saved on the Enoron platform stays confidential. 
Enoron does not claim any right on any piece of information. Everything saved on #Enoron is owned by our users, who are the sole that can decide how to use their data. Check out our Privacy Poli…