Gamification and Innovative Principles in Law Firm Management

As our societies grow and evolve, so does the legal profession, both in the way it is carried out and managed. Innovative and disrupting new ideas pop up every day, improving processes and, ultimately, the way we work and live.

Amongst these changes, Gabor Papp of DLA Piper has recently underlined the effectiveness that gamification can have in making Law Firms more productive. By transforming routine tasks into challenges amongst colleagues, it has been shown that productivity and efficiency can be improved, while making burdensome activities more entertaining. 

The continuous changes of today’s world impose to stay on top of innovation, in order to remain competitive, cost-efficient and provide the best services to clients. The goal of #Enoron is to help lawyers achieve that, providing, by providing a platform specifically designed for Lawyers, by Lawyers, which is continuously improved and adapted to the growing needs of lawyers worldwide.

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