Technology Startups Should Only Engage Law Firms Who Use Legal Management Software

Increasing regulatory requirements for legal processes, combined with a constant need to increase privacy, security and urgency, while maintaining sufficient margins has led to a widespread global adoption of legal management software.

Lawyers not using legal management software have up to six different places in which important information needs to be stored. “Not only is this a logistical challenge but also a potential security risk” says Gherardo Carullo, Enoron CEO. Using legal management software like Enoron reduces storage to just one centralised location. 

Several key aspects are commonly expected by entrepreneurs and startup teams – adaptability, flexibility and communication. With the number of firms increasing, there is naturally a wider choice for startups, with characteristics including: large vs small, sector-specific vs general, task-specific vs comprehensive.

As many law firms position themselves in the technology sector, one would expect firms to embrace new technologies that aid in client satisfaction. It is a strong signal to technology startups of a forward-thinking attitude to improving the client/firm relationship, through improved efficiency and communication.

It was highlighted drastically and controversially in 2010 when Kristin Ann Stahlbusha, an American lawyer was suspended for billing more than 24hrs per day. According to FindLaw’s blog, lawyers can typically only charge for one hour for every hour and a half hours worked. 

Lawyers who use management systems like Enoron improve productivity by thirty percent and boost communication by a whopping sixty-four percent, according to an independent study undertaken by Enoron. 

So not only is law-tech revolutionising internal and client communication but also reducing much of the thirty percent of billable hours inevitably passed on to clients.

Lawyers that don’t stay up-to-date with technology struggle with client experience and ultimately get pushed out of the market by firms that adapt and embrace emerging technology.

One of Enoron’s United States clients, Melinda Tarrant, explained how in fifteen years of experience – “nine in a large firm” – the price of legal management software has always been a major barrier. Necessarily so, as legal management software is designed for a fairly niche market.

Enoron’s software is based around a freemium model. This means users only pay what they need for additional functionality (users, devices and networks).

Since starting up her own firm with her husband, Mrs Tarrant explained “Enoron is great; it has almost everything an expensive case management program would have at a tenth the price.”

Enoron was created by Gherardo Carullo PhD, having worked extensively in the field before leaving the field, learning to code and building Enoron from the ground up. “Designed FOR lawyers, BY lawyers” has been the tagline for Enoron ever since.

Enoron is determined to democratise legal management software, ensuring smaller law firms can compete on similar levels to more established firms. “We are democratising law and providing lawyers with the ability to start up and run as effectively as having a full in-house paralegal, support and accounting” says Gherardo Carullo.

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