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Why AI ​​will not replace (all) lawyers

In the tech scene, more and more often we hear about the innovations that artificial intelligence can bring. As part of this discourse, it is often said that many professions will be replaced by computers. In this context, lawyers are deemed to be amongst the most obvious ones.
But is it really so?
Let's start first from a certain fact. If today this question arises, the issue is certainly problematic. We must therefore understand to what degree it may be regarded as properly framed.
The main argument of the supporters of this prediction is that lawyers’ job - i.e. assisting their clients -, can be carried out merely by analyzing laws and the relevant case law. Since such operation is perceived to be based (only) on predetermined rules, tech experts reach the conclusion that a computer can be trained to carry it out autonomously.
Undoubtedly, there are some lawyers whose only job is the one described above. It is however obvious for those who exercise the legal profession, that t…