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Service update

In order to keep offering to all our users and lawyers from around the world a better service, in the coming weeks we will introduce the following important changes to our services.
1. Unlimited networks

We are pleased to announce that all users can now create networks completely free of charge. Our main objective is to allow all law firms to collaborate in the most agile and simple way possible. Based on how our services are used, we noticed that most users felt overly constrained by the costs of creating networks and internal networks. For this reason we have decided to make the creation of networks completely free, without any limit of use. All users can start enjoying this new feature right now.
2. Termination of the free trial
Until today we have been pleased to offer a free usage threshold to all our individual users. Unfortunately, we are forced to review this option. Our effort has been, since 2012, to offer an excellent service without compromises. For this reason we have firm…