Service update

In order to keep offering to all our users and lawyers from around the world a better service, in the coming weeks we will introduce the following important changes to our services.

1. Unlimited networks

We are pleased to announce that all users can now create networks completely free of charge.
Our main objective is to allow all law firms to collaborate in the most agile and simple way possible. Based on how our services are used, we noticed that most users felt overly constrained by the costs of creating networks and internal networks. For this reason we have decided to make the creation of networks completely free, without any limit of use.
All users can start enjoying this new feature right now.

2. Termination of the free trial

Until today we have been pleased to offer a free usage threshold to all our individual users. Unfortunately, we are forced to review this option.
Our effort has been, since 2012, to offer an excellent service without compromises. For this reason we have firmly believed in our duty not to monetize your data in any way. Our conviction is still at the base of the values that guide our social mission, and we are comforted in our choice by the new European regulation on the protection of personal data (so-called GDPR).
Today more than ever the need to protect personal data is felt, and we are proud to have applied this principle well before it was imposed by the European legislator.
This approach, however, implies that as the use of our services increases, the costs of maintaining data are exponentially increasing. And because we do not monetize this data in any way, we can no longer guarantee the preservation of data indefinitely for free users.
All users will be able to continue using our services for free for the next 30 days, after which at least one subscription must be purchased.

3. One user, three licenses

To ensure maximum usability of our apps, and offer the best of our services, we are pleased to announce that with the first subscription, up to three users will be able to use Enoron within the same law firm. 
The base subscription will therefore allow you to add two users to your networks. This will be highlighted during the purchase phase in the table indicating the new subscription limits. After the purchase, the remaining number of available invitations will also be indicated.
Once the subscription process is completed, the network administrator – i.e. the person who signed the subscription – can invite in its networks two users, which will be covered by the administrator's subscription.

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